Managing Competitive Perception

Competitive Audit

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Discovering the Variables that Shape a Purchase

What forces influence user decisions? We conduct market research to discover the variables that shape the buyer’s(user’s) motivation to purchase your product and services. Our goal is to gain deep insight into the knowledge process that every user undergoes. That is a recipe for a successful web design project.

The variables that constitute the user’s total experience can consist of branding, positioning, pricing, marketing compaigns, the available competition, and factors that can have a significant effect. We interpret the data associated with the variable to learn more, defining our user’s persona.

Our Process for Advantage

Using an audit to augment value

  • Communicating audit results after conducting research.
  • Conducting analysis to adopt a fresh brand positioning strategy.
  • Using findings to inform brand and design strategy.
  • Critical analysis of competition gaps in messaging and aesthetic presentation.

Knowing Your Competition

Setting points of comparison

  • Who do you compete with?
  • How are they positioned?
  • What do their brands mean to you?
  • What are their key messages?
  • Who do they service?
  • What is their financial profile?
  • What advantages do they possess?
  • What is their market share?
  • What are their disadvantages?
  • How would you define their brand experience?
  • How do they acquire prospective customers and how do they convert?

Competitive Audit Process

Process from start to fininsh

Who is considered direct competition?
What category do they serve?
Which company is most similar to yours?
Are there companies that are not direct competitors?

Determine the information you need to research
Study existing information and materials
Recognize knowledge gaps
Recommend tools for research

Critical assess competition positions
Identify your value proposition
Identify your strengths
Identify your weakness
Explore your brand’s personality

Purpose and Mission
Marketing Language and Voice
Brand Themes and Guidelines

Visual Brand Language
Color Scheme
Logo Design
Website Behavior
Feature Design

Brand architecture
Website branding
Marketing collaterals
Sales devices

Dissect the brand name
Brand nomenclature for products and services

Deciding the hierarchical structure
Demarcation of central brands and sub-brands
Organizing products and services

Navigate their website as a customer
Use their products and services
Consume their marketing content and media
Explore their social media channels
Interact with their customer service

Brand architecture
Website branding
Marketing collaterals
Sales devices