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Effortless, elegant shopping and checkout experience.

The story

GMOVE is an all American brand specialized in women’s activewear that is capturing a growing international market. The brand marries state-of-the-art high-performance, breathable compression fabrics with ‘wear-anywhere,’ urban, edgy designs.

The challenge

We wanted to give this client an innovative e-commerce website that exceeds all needs and expectations, one that would also showcase our exceptional capabilities. We started with a clean, visually engaging landing page design. We then created smooth functionality with a sophisticated platform allowing for an effortless, elegant shopping and checkout experience—one requiring minimal clicks and information input.

Our multidisciplinary solution

GMOVE’s Landing Page displays a left-hand column menu that includes shopping, consumer messages and detailed “DNA” information. The latter focuses on the company’s mystique with information about their model celebrities. The field to the right of the Home Page is much wider, populated with exceptionally attractive e-commerce product pics

An OWDT product

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We are one of the few companies in the country able to offer new, revolutionary website navigation technology. –One example: when a reader is interested in one of GMOVE’s offerings, the corresponding product name and price appear when the cursor hovers over the selected image. This avoids the distraction of having the information appear for all items. An eye icon and product name provide links for accessing product and checkout information—with a heart icon linking to the customer’s wish list.

Innovative content reveal

If you select DNA on the left column menu, we took extra effort to highlight the picture of the model described, blurring the second mode’s image. The same feature is found on the shopping page. Another appealing innovation on the DNA page is that text appears magically as if the reader is typing it herself, displaying in a realistic, staggered sequence.


Central to a website’s design is its typography. OWDT is one of a handful of website developers in the country with in-depth expertise in this area. We selected the stylistic, versatile Playfair Display font for its headline. It has proportionally longer height contrasted with short descenders, ideal for titles and tight spaces. It is especially suitable for custom modifications like tilting. If you visit the website, we think you’ll agree that the standard and italicized version of the font create an unusually elegant contrast—especially combined, as they are, with Raleway, our second font choice for standard script, noted for legibility, beauty and versatility.


Check out simplified

Many e-commerce sites have labor-intensive checkout processes. By contrast, OWDT worked hard to create an easy, intuitive e-commerce platform for GMOVE that makes purchasing products easy and enjoyable. We are especially proud of our automation of the buyer’s address with a narrowing down of the pop-up list of specific address options as a person begins inputting their information. Just a few more clicks and the item is paid for. Returning customer information also pops up when clicked at the top of the page. Done! –One more groundbreaking feature we provided this client that you won’t find on many other sites—the shopping cart automatically sends customers an email to remind them if they get distracted and move away from the site without completing the purchase process. This required a lot of behind-the- scenes work to achieve, but the kind of challenge we at OWDT love.