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There are many ways we can help you grow your business. Our OWDT strategy team assesses what's going to work best for your business through a combination of consumer research, digital ecosystem planning, and in-depth analysis of how you can utilize the digital world more effectively. Our comprehensive approach includes input from diverse professionals--including management consultants, brand specialists, communication, search and service delivery experts, as well as social and political strategists.

This includes evaluating your customer interactions, key performance metrics, big data analysis, and overall capabilities. Our findings help us create a comprehensive strategy to create the best possible experience for your website visitors.

Our team of technical, UX, design and other practitioners collaborate to reveal your most significant challenges by using a combination of in-person consultation, in-depth research and discovery. This program is carefully tailored to your needs, and is not an off-the-shelf generic set of procedures.

Scope Creep, aka, requirements creep, can be a costly disappointment for clients—something we do everything possible to avoid. Prevention requires a careful assessment of your project's needs. This may include meetings with your stakeholders, consumer analysis, technical and SEO needs assessment, brand and marketing consulting, as well as content planning.

Inventory Gathering includes oversight of your quantitative content that we use to create a document listing all of your website pages and associated data. This allows us to get the information we need to assess your content catalog for possible redesign, periodic changes, maintenance, migration and other requirements over the lifecycle of your website.

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Research & Planning

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Developing effective strategy demands a clear understanding of your best course of action, who is the most qualified to help you implement it, and improving the odds of achieving your desired outcome. We apply proven techniques to obtain reliable information about these and related issues.

We identify and unlock new sources of income from your existing and future digital assets. Our business and technical strategists collaborate with you to discover neglected business opportunities and to optimize your revenue model.

Many websites - especially those in the medical field - need to meet federal ADA and Web Content Accessibility guidelines. Our team knows the requirements and the potential pitfalls, and can devise a plan to keep your business compliant and free of legal problems. Similar risks exist for eCommerce websites, where a customer's sensitive financial information is at stake. Our overriding goal is to always manage your risks by helping you make decisions that work to your long-term advantage.

UX Planning includes quantitative and qualitative research to help fill knowledge gaps to give you a clearer understanding of your target audience's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Our goal is to improve your business performance through your website and social media which is validated by sales growth, improved customer data and customer engagement.

Style Definition integrates digital brand enhancement style principles to help advance your current website content into what will better match your current vision and aspirations. This service involves a thorough investigation of your audience's needs and behaviors to inform a full range of improvements from UX/UI design to maximizing content and CRM engagement.

AI development is fundamental to virtually all of our website development projects. This service provides optimal content organization by utilizing metadata schema, taxonomy and other tools. The end result is a website with outstanding user navigation, customers personalization, leading-edge analytics and seamless cross-channel communication. As with our other services, we provide ongoing support as part of the package.

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Design & Development

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We are proud of our record of crafting user digital experiences characterized by elegance and award-winning visual appeal. We're passionate about the details, paying careful attention to your end users' emotional responses to various design options. Our technical and artistic sophistication has allowed us to consistently exceed our clients' expectations. Though we are amazing at this, we also work with clients who have an in-house design team, leaving this as one of one of our optional services.

You'll work directly with our User Interface (UI) professionals as we create a design carefully calibrated to your specific goals. We are dedicated to providing you with elegant, intuitive interfaces to maximize your website's user appeal. We offer a record of success creating winning, large-scale digital projects, which are attentive to all our clients' needs. This always includes long-term support. Be assured that we’ll never hand over any of the work over to others.

System Engineering helps us develop the best technical infrastructure for your needs. This service includes a comprehensive assessment of your systems, technology, employee needs, in-house skills, and work processes. We sometimes partner with other technology vendors to achieve optimal results.

During this phase, we deliver elegant, intuitive interfaces by utilizing the dat we gathered from UX planning stage and centring the design process on the goals of the end user. This focus begins at the earliest planning phase and continues through production, testing and optimisation.

No matter how brilliant your website's design, viewers will quickly click away if your written content is substandard. Our senior copywriter works closely with you to ensure that your written content captures the spirit of your brand and includes all value-add details of your products and services. This service often begins with interviews of your managers and stakeholders—or a single point of contact--to begin this iterative, collaborative process. We are dedicating to creating final text that meets all your requirements and expectations. Even if you're pleased with your current written content, we highly recommend you allow us to review it to correct any disfluencies or grammatical errors.

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Review & Testing

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Website viewers will click away to a competitor's site if they can't quickly access information they're looking for. Our Live User Testing reveals when and how users get frustrated with your site. Ignorance of this dynamic and not taking corrective action can cost you millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. This service provides you with on-demand feedback from your target audience to boost conversions to enhance your brand.

Our engagement analysis includes videos of visitor comments as they navigate your site and utilize its features. We go beyond standard click analytics to reveal what users do at multiple touch points.

Performance Testing begins by measuring the standard consumer connection speed of your website from global locations using high-profile browsers like Microsoft Edge and Chrome. This generates the diagnostic information we need to make a full range of suggestions for improvement—utilizing charts, speed optimization and other checks.

We employ leading edge, comprehensive website security tools to proactively and reactively protect your site. They include a Website Application Firewall (WAF), an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and continuous website security monitoring to quickly identify possible incursions. If you experience a security incident, know that our professional security staff will provide you with immediate support

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