The Story

As one of the top five superyacht builders in the world, Ocean Alexander needed to serve its customers, where they are, with exactly what they want. Technology offered unprecedented ways to achieve this therefore OWDT as one of the web-based technology pioneers was tasked to design and build a new flagship website for the Ocean Alexander.

The new site needed to speak with all the elegance and prestige of the brand, while delivering to the very highest of user expectations. Ocean Alexander also needed their existing offering to be a flexible system that could evolve over time – a departure from the era’s prevailing design conventions, where websites were completely replaced every 24 months. The new experience is fully scalable, meaning the brand is now positioned to tell its story no matter what story the future holds.

By providing customers with an alluring digital experience that imparts all the elegance and luxury of Ocean Alexander, OWDT has ensured that users not only become guests but also brand evangelists. Thanks to a few digital initiatives, online contact form submissions increased by 10% resulting in 7% growth in online leads to sales conversions, and the mobile revenue increase of 68%.

Client Goals

Simplify the Navigation

Promote OA’s Luxury Lifestyle

Attract World’s Millionaires

Increase Demand for Products

Engage New Audience

Demonstrate Products Details

Retain Heritage Credibility

We use the medium of web design and the principles that govern our psychology to deliberately evoke a sensory effect, persuading users to take specific actions that benefit them.

Our goal is to cultivate a multilayered communication that speaks to the responsive faculties of our being by using the domains and disciplines within content and design.