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How Biruni Define Us

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Path to Achieving the Impossible

There have always been, and will always be, leaders whose impacts on their surroundings are not curbed by the tools and resources available to them. Individuals for whom giving up is not an option.

We champion these remarkable minds. We call them “Legends” – the visionary leaders who have the power to put people on the path to achieving the impossible.

Foundation for the Modern World

Biruni was an eleventh-century scientist who stands among the great luminaries of the past two thousand years. He is among the rare thinkers and inventors whose ideals placed humanity on an entirely new path.

He leveraged insights across multidisciplinary boundaries to synthesize and resolve seemingly incompatible concepts. Among his many brilliant breakthroughs, Biruni calculated the radius and circumference of the Earth a thousand years before Copernicus using the simplest tools available to him at the time.

Biruni’s brilliant, paradigm-shifting scientific contributions helped lay the foundation for our modern world.

We at OWDT are deeply inspired by Biruni’s paradigm-changing innovations, precise methodologies, and impeccable standards of excellence. He is an icon for all we value and work to emulate. That is why you now see a rendering of Biruni’s profile accompanying our brand.

As Biruni left his mark on history, we at OWDT leave our mark by helping leaders transform their organizations to leave their marks with breakthrough standards of excellence. We mirror Biruni’s multidisciplinary approach, leveraging our knowledge and experience. We collaborate with leaders, leveraging their areas of expertise, to create a synergy that results in what often seems impossible feats.


Let Leaving Your Mark Guide You™

Collaborating with our revered customers to enhance their digital image has significantly improved their brand recognition and greatly increased conversions.

These refinements have also helped our client streamline their organizations while simultaneously boosting employee productivity and morale. That is how we help you leave your mark.