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Dr. Roth

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The story

Dr. Forrest Roth is a renowned preeminent plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence. He provides cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries as well as leading-edge noninvasive procedures. Dr. Roth needed an online presence capable of capturing the full scope of his impressive skills and exceptional dedication to improving the plastic surgery field.

An OWDT product

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Discoveries & changes

  • Compelling Design and Superior Site Organization: We simplified the information architecture to make navigation quick and intuitive, beginning with an elegant landing page comprised of scrollable photos highlighting specific regions of the body. Each launches a secondary page with links to detailed information about the procedures available for a particular zone.
  • Out of the box navigation: Ease of navigation on Dr. Roth’s new site is enhanced by easy to locate menu systems but most importantly, we innovated a keyword search engine capability that automatically funnels internet searchers to the exact procedure they are looking for on the internet.
  • New Written Content: Our Content team contributed original written content, including extensive editing of earlier text to highlight Dr. Roth’s impressive experience, core values, and leading-edge procedures. –According to recent research conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), 72% of web-user satisfaction relates directly to the quality of website written content. We emphasize the importance of this often underestimated service to our clients.
  • Functionality across All Devices: Mobile device internet searches are now the most frequent. So, we created a mobile optimized website for Dr. Roth that is just as visually crisp and functional as what is available on large screens. This demanded high-level, complex programming that went considerably beyond what most web design companies provide.
  • A Contact form Page with Embedded Video: Our researches has shown that companies who provide short videos in combination with contact forms produce higher submission rates. This is why we incorporated an easy to create brief, friendly video of Dr. Roth speaking to an audience of prospective patients on his contact page.
  • Superior Typography: Our designers wisely selected Work Sans for this project which is an elegant typeface family based on early Grotesques, such as those by Stephenson Blake, Miller & Richard and Bauerschen Giesserei. The font set has been optimized for on-screen text usage at medium-sizes (14px-48px) and interestingly enough, it can also be used in print design due to the highly quality adjustments. It was also adjusted in a way that the fonts closer to the extreme weights can be used both on the web and in print. We further simplified the fonts features and optimized for screen resolutions; for example, diacritic marks are larger than how they would be in print.



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