Trusted Experts Group

The new verbal & visual order

We started by discovering the core purpose and brand fundamentals. A highly functional piece to find new ways to delight customers, engage employees, and demonstrate the competitive advantage. Next, we formulated a brand strategy to provide a central, unifying idea and align all the actions and communications across all the products and services. Our goal was to deflect the competition, a goal elegantly obtained.

Throughout the process and as we started drawing the brand architecture, finding the new name became apparent. We needed a covering, timeless, tireless, easy-to-remember name that stands for the organization’s core principles. A name that also facilitates the brand’s future expansions.

Next, we designed a new dynamic identity system that shows the organization’s hierarchy and the interrelationship to the parent company. The new approach brought consistency, verbal and visual order to the organization’s brand identity.

Client Goals

Delighting Customers

Engaging Employees

Demonstrating Competitive Advantage

Brand Expansion

Modernizing the Brand Visuals

Organizing the Verbal and Visual Order

We use the medium of web design and the principles that govern our psychology to deliberately evoke a sensory effect, persuading users to take specific actions that benefit them.

Our goal is to cultivate a multilayered communication that speaks to the responsive faculties of our being by using the domains and disciplines within content and design.