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Clear Evaluations

A true success story in improving a brand in order to attract high-end clients.


The Story

Serving new home builders, apartments, and retailers, Clear Evaluations provides a comprehensive catalog of industry information used to train mystery shoppers in multiple markets. Unfortunately, their growing business was hampered by a dated, dysfunctional website that was not mobile friendly. In addition, Clear Evaluations wanted to improve their brand in order to attract more high-end clients.

Truly an indispensable investment
that generated tremendous ROI



OWDT provided Clear Evaluations with everything they wanted and more. Their new site has an elegant, full-screen design that incorporates improved Home Page links, smooth functionality, and embedded videos. One major, immediate benefit: Macy’s awarded Clear Evaluations a large account soon after the new website’s launch, more than compensating for their investment. This outcome underscores the fact that a company’s website is the cornerstone of its marketing and branding, truly an indispensable investment that can generate tremendous ROI.

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