Achieve optimal user satisfaction

User Persona

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Designing the Experiences You Wish to Capture

The underlying purpose behind the design and development of every digital product and service is to achieve optimal user satisfaction. To guide this effort, OWDT defines user personas by emulating your customer needs and expectations, and in turn designing the experiences we wish to capture. Where there is plurality in personas, we create separate scenarios and requirement lists to underline the clear boundaries between the different types of users.

Being acutely conscious of the distinct differences between users can help your organization create foundational assets that dictate strategies that influence your web design, marketing materials, products and services. Those differences translate into their respective features, processes, designs, applications, systems, and experiences – materializing in profound ways.

Residual Benefiting from Defining Your User

  • By defining personas, we bring clarity to the project goal, introducing a robust frame of understanding for team members to work with.
  • Personas can act as guides, where we design and develop features in accordance with their ability to accomplish user goals.
  • Using personas, we humanize the user, recognizing real-world diversity and demonstrating a vested interest in their experience.