Building your business legacy is our ultimate purpose

Your Mark

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Assisting You with
“Leaving Your Mark”
is in Our DNA

“Leaving Your Mark” exists at the very core of OWDT. It is the genuine guiding principle from which our creation, aspirations, and ongoing motivations evolve into peerless creations.

As we prepare to extend the boundaries of possibilities, assisting you with “Leaving Your Mark” is our ultimate purpose.

Nina Jackson

Regional Director of Marketing and Public Relations at ASM Global

“ I always consider OWDT a partner and not just a vendor. They are a partner and they are actually part of our NRG Park Family. ”

Dr. Allen Rodgers


Sally Doleski

Vice President of Marketing

Corbin Strong

Marketing Director

“From the inception, they came to us with the vision that we haven’t seen. They brought our company to life online and it has been very successful. OWDT has been very responsive to our needs. They always come to us with great ideas and they respond to us very quickly.”

Elly Pourasef


Matt Weigle

Director of National Accounts & Marketing Operations

Arash Hassanian


“If they missed the mark, they always came back with something perfect, and sometimes with three perfect solutions. What I really like about them is how they can bring technology and beauty together. ”

Sara Willett

Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Zack DeMaleki


How Does One Define
“Leaving Your Mark”

In recognition of those who shape the digital world around us, OWDT has created a collection of aspirational stories highlighting hard work, creativity, vision, and leadership. These are inspirational stories for us as we empower and champion our accomplished counterparts.

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