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Usability Testing

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Finetuning the User Experience

There’s a direct relationship between user satisfaction and user experience. For this reason, when releasing end-user products, OWDT tests every aspect of their function at every stage of their development. And since user types can range in background and perspective, we have business analysts, marketing professionals, developers, designers, and customer relationship experts test the product for requirement satisfaction throughout its production. This cumulative knowledge is implemented with every new web design, branding and online marketing project, further refining our methods and benefits to our clients.

Our Core Areas of Concern

Vehicles for progress

Based on user problems associated with website design or feature functions, we provide the usage scenario to capture the scope of the issue at hand.

Mapping out the step-by-step user journey from beginning to end to understand their perspective.

Including a diverse set of real participants to test the site, each scenario will be tested, indicating user habits and potential flaws in design.

Indirectly observing user activity during the process can help us collect immediate insights.

The Reasons We Believe in Testing

Reaching ROI from a user-first approach

Resolves flaws in design and user experience
Optimizes the product to its fullest capacity
The process serves to improve future products

Places user satisfaction as most important goal
Results in intuitive products that create successful interactions
Improves conversion

Reduces overall costs down the road
Quality product sparks and sustains sales
Reduce complaints and reputation damage
Minimize financial risk

How We Test for Successful User Experiences

Process from start to finish

Establish and review testing goals
Communicate questions that will be asked
Define persona profiles
State and explain the method
Provide the list of tasks that will be accomplished
Setup the test environment
Indicate the data that will be collected and how results will be reported

Determine user motivations
Create profiles based on user scenarios
Decide the appropriate amount of test users
Finalize the list of official participants

Review and finalize test scenario
Determine techniques that will be used
Set parameters for the user based on persona
Collect demographics

Conduct with minimal influence
Allow participants to answer freely
Provide pretest questions
Capture psychographics
Provide post-test questions
Receive test experience feedback from participants

Provide a summary of results
Draw conclusions
Classify and grade issues found
Redesign user personas based on results
Formulate new strategies

Declare official findings
Visit available resources
Acknowledge constraints
Isolate solutions that will have the greatest impact
Recommend short-term and long-term strategies