Brand Brief & Creative Brief




Do all the key decision makers in your organization share the same understanding of what your brand represents? Distilling your brand’s principles is critical in creating a cohesive organization that acts with purpose and uniformity. Having the pillars laid down within a concise brief can serve as a guide and reference for developing strategies, policies, products, and services that speak to those beliefs.

Only when there is agreement on the brief and its tenants, can there be constructive success. Because we collaborate with all stakeholders to develop the creative brief, everyone can agree on the goal. Once a brand brief is created then a creative brief can be established for the team to guide them along.

brand brief

Elements of a brand brief




Purpose and Mission Statement

Explain why it’s more than material gain

Concise but potent statement

Target Audience

Define the audience and your archetype customer

Your audience, their essential needs, pain points, and expectations

The Value Proposition

Summarize various functional benefits, both tangible and intangible

Well-defined customer challenges solved through proposed benefits

Principles and Values

Lays out the fundamental belief system

Telling words that speak to those principles and values

Personality Characteristics

Set parameters for brand expression

Descriptive words to express the many aspects of the brand’s personality

Direct Competition

Determine similarities shared and differences with your competitors

Key competitors who pursue the same customer

Model, Products, and Services

Explain what is offered and how

Major offerings that the brand is known for


Establish your credibility

Evidence that communicates your value proposition

Greater Concept

Delivers the central concept behind your brand

A short explanation or phrase that signifies the concept

Functional differences between briefs


The Brand Brief

The Creative Brief

Purpose and Use

Brand equity/reputation management/clarity

Achieve project goals


Initial, then Ongoing

Based on the production and release of products and services


Leadership, executive team

Marketing, creative team

Key Metrics

Brand vitality and relationship to defined objectives and goals

Development and design project goals based on user, customer needs


C-Level, executive directors, and managers

Design and development team

Utilized for

Strategy, organizational coherence, uniformity

Brand identity expression across products and services