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Identity System

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Standardizing Visual Identity

Creating an Identity System is the definitive method for standardizing your brand’s visual identity and its future iterations. OWDT designs a uniform system, producing characteristic imprints that users will recognize unanimously. A cohesive experience imparts a singular voice that is consistent in its look and feel, whether it’s in print collateral, web design, or other media. The benefits of adopting an identity system extend well beyond your user’s visual experience.

Fundamental Elements

There are many standalone pieces that make up the total identity system. Each component separately requires dedicated attention, but their collective purpose acts to constitute one standardized interaction with your customer. Below you will find some of the most important identity expression touch points.

It all begins with your brand’s purpose and beliefs. The tenants should be articulate and accessible, clearly communicating those precepts to your organization and its audiences.

A logo is the visual expression of your identity encapsulated. And since it will be found in every corner of your online assets and offline materials, having a logo system that can have continual appeal, unmistakable recognition, and express itself fittingly according to the medium creates a seamless and robust presence.

We identify the most appropriate color palette that illustrates the brand’s personality, values, and mission. Developing both a primary and secondary palette that overlap makes the brand flexible as it expresses itself over different mediums.

Establishing a primary font standard is used to keep a consistent reading experience and stay within brand guidelines. Selecting a font family with prioritizing weights for different components of content improves the user and brand experience.

Creating standard templates equips your brand to handle the different ways customer experience what your offer. Templates for content and design content can consist of layouts, banners, margins, font applications, and other brand identity markers.

Developing a web strategy that consists of approaches to each design and content feature of your web presence. Taking social media into consideration and other brand extensions of your website, the strategy should be sensitive to all forms of online interaction.

Growing a library of various asset formats sets a foundation for growth as different challenges and strategies emerge. Imagery, icons, font family folders, and plug-and-play media are some of the assets that can act as a brand identity building exercise and also serve to accommodate the organization’s growing needs.