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Content Audit

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Bringing Clarity and Authority to Organizations

Content has become the primary driver of online interactions, playing an invaluable role in propelling ideas, innovations, and movements. For any organization, content is the essential foundation of their web design, serving as a vehicle for your products and services, your purpose, and your message. Does your current content demonstrate a sharp awareness of the needs and wants of your customers?

OWDT believes content informs design, where the latter attracts the user to your message, absorbing your offering, and encouraging further interaction with your brand. Auditing your content is paramount to maintaining a continual sensitivity to an evolving user. Assessing it in relation to design is to recognize the codependent relationship that determines whether you can convert from lead to sale.

Our Vehicles for Communication

Areas for accessing content strategy

Does the appearance of style and design conform to your brand identity?
Is the tone and look of the information consistent with your brand attributes?

Is knowledge of your customer informing your content?
Is content based on what you already know about the customer?

Does the visual design communicate the company’s position and brand message?

Is the content designed to sell across your portfolio of products and services in a valuable and meaningful way?

Does the structure and order of the navigational journey convey a logical priority of content?

Is your content communicating an appreciation for your customer’s business?

Is the user more informed or equipped to make a better decision after they have visited your site?

Is the content fitting for the brand’s theme and purpose?

The Process

Examining the content from start to finish