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Positioning Strategy

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An Opportunity to Maximize Your Position

The brand is experienced at every touchpoint. Web design and content are touchpoints that users will interact with, encountering various aspects of your brand. Products and services aside, OWDT understands that users will leave with impressions of quality, culture, and organizational stewardship embedded in their minds.

Your position is subject to influences from leadership, organizational culture, and strategic objectives and from external forces such as social media trends, industry disruptions, and regulatory changes. For us, each interaction is an opportunity to maximize your position and achieve the highest impression.

Our Positioning Services

Methods to achieving advantage

Knowing which brands you compete with can serve as an effective positioning guide.

Recognize which benefits and characteristics customers confidently associate with your brand and evaluate whether those properties are shared with your competition.

Governed by a moderator, a select group of individuals discusses a set subject that involves participants and is connected by a common characteristic.

Capture your brand’s essence and experience with accurate, concise, and telling language.

We Command The Positioning Process

Active measures to promote continual progress

  • Impressions are important for every stakeholder.
  • Engaging through collaboration achieves results.
  • Creating passionate brand ambassadors is the key to momentum.
  • Leave the brand conversation open and never-ending.
  • Keep the communication and opportunity to improve two-way.
  • Brand building is about active demonstration.
  • Promoting the brand as a lifestyle sustains it.
  • Use communities and partnerships to test new strategies.

Brand Pillars

Tenants as opportunities for success

What is the purpose?
What drives your leadership?
What motivates your organization?

What is unique about your value proposition?
What is the deciding factor for your customers?

What do your customers need?
What motivates them in terms of value and emotion?
How do you create a deeper connection?

How do you demonstrate the benefits of your brand?
How do you reaffirm your position in the market?
What measures do you take to deliver an exceptional user experience?