A New Brand

Attempting to make its mark on a crowded deregulated energy market, Mercury Energy sought to present itself as a more colorful alternative among traditionally-styled brands. As a new face in Ohio’s mature demographic, designing a website to capture all user segments both through design and content would be vital to the company’s appeal and success.

The solution: design for the emerging modern, household decision-maker without losing traditional customers. It required some research and a touch of imagination to capture the vision of a company developing in motion and trying to address two customer segments. Finding common, relevant themes for each group and translating those sentiments to design, we had to find a balancing act that would be viable for the brand.

Using a design and content strategy that reduced buyer’s fatigue through simple language and cheerful colors, we humanized the interaction with our target user. Our goal was to establish the impression of a neighborly exchange, one that would mirror Ohio’s familial culture. Directing a conversational tone for the products and services down to the FAQ, we brought a uniformity that was natural, personal. An interaction that all customers would respond well to.

“A great team of professionals who performed beyond expectations and put customer’s satisfaction at first priority.”
Scott Rice / Managing Director

Client Goals

Attract Local Clients

Rais Regional Awareness

Create an Expandable Brand Strategy

Create a Brand Identity System

Make the Brand Feel Happy

Engage New Audience

Demonstrate Clearly How the Brand Delivers on its Promise

We use the medium of web design and the principles that govern our psychology to deliberately evoke a sensory effect, persuading users to take specific actions that benefit them.

Our goal is to cultivate a multilayered communication that speaks to the responsive faculties of our being by using the domains and disciplines within content and design.