The Story

Industry Academy is a pioneering e-learning platform for internally-driven individuals who have a desire to be industry leaders. OWDT designed a brand identity and website for Industry Academy, enabling them to offer new learning initiatives and expand into additional industries.

The visual identity needed to be a distillation of what we heard and saw: an inclusive, vibrant, and vital institution built on educational values and innovation. We used black and white lettering with a modular appendix, providing a unique identifier for each industry knowledge course set.

We were able to build strong relationships with customers in continual pursuit of opportunities to enhance their knowledge. The new identity system established a unified brand architecture while creating an integrated system that is highly expandable for future developments.

Client Goals

Set a New Standard

Dynamic Behavior

Expandable Behavior

Become the Market Leader

Attract Motivated Spirits

Make Learning an Adventure

Develop a Comprehensive Brandmark

We use the medium of web design and the principles that govern our psychology to deliberately evoke a sensory effect, persuading users to take specific actions that benefit them.

Our goal is to cultivate a multilayered communication that speaks to the responsive faculties of our being by using the domains and disciplines within content and design.