How to keep a user coming back: the link between experience and loyalty

It remains a difficult challenge to understand the psychological dynamics of what causes users to stay, engage, and return to a website remains a difficult challenge.
The best in the industry spend more time asking questions, being curious, and knowing that they don’t know everything about their potential target audience. From that space of curiosity, innovation can begin. Following is an overview of essential steps to achieving customer engagement loyalty through user experience (UX) design.

Behavioral research offers insights into the habits and preferences of large demographic and psychographic groups.

Marketing teams get into the ins and outs of realistic user personas. Creating a well-defined user persona that represents a single consumer in all of their complexity is the best way for teams to vet the digital experiences of their potential customers.

Specificity is Key: The Art of User Personas

After extensive user persona research, teams gain an in-depth understanding of the consumers’ reasoning, intrinsic motivations, personal priorities, and aesthetic preferences. For example, User persona research might inform a branding team on what will resonate with their users.

Energizing primary colors, bold text with meaningful claims, and calls to action that represent a larger purpose might all help to engage the deeper motivations of those eco-conscious consumers.

user persona

From The Inside: Intrinsic Motivation for Customer Retention

Appealing to a virtual consumer’s intrinsic motivation is crucial in converting casual viewers into leads and converting leads into actual sales.

A website that’s designed to answer to the inherent motivations of its users is always one that’s well-designed and easily navigated. For example, lean home pages with prominent and noticeable search bars help users of all digital literacies find the information they’re seeking.

In short, the world of website development and virtual marketing is going beyond categorical research to consider the intrinsic motivation of individual consumers. With extensive research on consumer profiles, the aesthetics and the concrete infrastructure of the web experience can be adjusted in accordance with what those consumers like. Leads are one thing; loyalty is entirely another—with the above steps, companies can find, engage, and keep their loyal consumers.

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