Where ideas meet execution: OWDT wins gold Marcom Award

OWDT was selected by the judges of the NYX MarCom Awards as the winner of the 2021 Gold Marcom Award. This international award celebrates the best-in-industry marketing communications ideas and executions. Winners are selected from over 300 categories spanning the most recent print, Web, Video, and Strategic Communications achievements.

Kyle Mani, CCO of OWDT, says ‘Beyond the validation of the work, we’re especially grateful for what the MarCom initiative represents in our industry—taking joy in the art, the industry dialogue, and the chance to give back to the community from which we all come.’

OWDT helped create a new brand identity for an established organization that had made a transition to new ownership. Mr. Mani emphasizes the critical importance of carefully selecting a new name for the organization, which was pivotal to establishing market value. The success of the identity campaign delivered the company to its long-time desired exit, an acquisition by industry leaders SGS. The team is now a part of SGS under the name OGC Experts.

OWDT slowly built the Trusted Experts Group brand’s new architecture. Stakeholder research, competitive audits, usability testing, and user persona discovery led the team to consequential and clarifying changes, beginning with the company’s name. This extended to a captivating logo, on-site uniforms, company vehicles, and business cards–important reminders across multiple touchpoints of their brand and culture.

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