The marketing keystone

An effective brand strategy gives your company a critical edge in increasingly competitive markets. It establishes instant product/service credibility that can’t be matched by any marketing campaign. Branding has been the keystone element of effective marketing for generations – never more so than in our digital 21st century.

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What does “branding” mean?

Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, differentiating your offerings from those of your competitors.

Another way of looking at it is that your brand is the distillation of who you are, who you want to be and who people actually perceive you to be. A successful brand breaks through your target customers’ daily sensory overload to make a positive, memorable impression. For that to happen, your brand message needs to be consistent, reinforced across marketing venues, and emotionally resonant with your customers.
We carefully & skillfully craft your brand

At OWDT, we are especially effective at capturing a company’s brand spirit and aesthetic, drawing from our proven design, copywriting, and marketing talent. We begin with your website, the cornerstone of any company’s marketing and branding. Updating your site allows you to push forward on all your marketing venues.

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Before working with us or any other brand development company, it will help to answer the following questions:

How has your brand identity evolved in the past few years with changes in technology, products / services, and competition?

Is your public reputation for product and/or service what you want it to be?

What independent social platforms are your customers using? What, specifically, are they saying online about your brand, products, and service?

How do you see your business now? In the near future?

What qualities link your vision / mission to product / service quality and customer satisfaction?

Do your logo, taglines, overall design aesthetic and written content (including style and even font design) accurately reflect where your business is headed?

Are your advertising, packaging, stationery, etc., cohesive and on message?

Are there influential bloggers or consumer advocates that you might benefit from reaching out to?

Do you have processes in place to identify, acknowledge and counter negative events / comments on social media – including routine critical customer feedback?
Know this.

Branding is emphatically not a gimmick or passing fancy. We at OWDT have guided many organizations – ranging from Forbes Education to small businesses – through the process of building strong brand identities. We are dedicated to this work because of the overwhelming evidence that companies need an effective brand identity to survive.