The many benefits of outsourcing your marketing

Optimize your resources for a new marketing plan

The Big Picture

The idea of outsourcing your marketing to another company can be unsettling. That said, be assured that any reputable marketing company will collaborate with you to optimize your messaging and thereby improve your ROI. All details of an outsourced marketing plan should include your buy-in throughout the partnering process. We at OWDT love working with clients to exceed their needs and expectations in doing just that. How? –First, we assess your objectives and plan strategies. Then we develop tactics to deploy your resources with a brilliant, new marketing plan.

As marketing professionals, we have the expertise to interweave tried and tested market strategies with the most effective new marketing campaigns. Without a dedicated in-house marketing team, most business owners fall back on previously effective plans and their own subjective ideas about what they think might work moving forward. Unfortunately, that too often leads to stagnation or even a disastrous erosion of a company’s customer base resulting from messaging that completely misses the mark.

Unless you have a dedicated, proven in-house marketing team, we believe outsourcing your organization’s marketing efforts is the best option.


Consider this partial list of benefits–

  • By hiring an external marketing team, you will significantly reduce the overhead costs you would otherwise accrue, even with one dedicated in-house marketer (typically $50K + a year). You will also benefit from an outside provider’s lower cost structure.
  • If marketing is not among your company’s core competencies, why consider pivoting away from your core strengths? Don’t invest your employees’ time unwisely.
  • An external marketing team has worked with organizations across a wide range of industries facing many different kinds of challenges. This gives them greater experience and objectivity than that of even the most astute executive team.
  • Though the web provides outstanding marketing tools, many of them free (though by no means all), do you really have the time to master and coordinate them? Dedicated marketing experts know the basics and continually receive training in important new tools, including those that are not free, as they become available.
  • Do you feel uncomfortable trying new strategies or media to broadcast your marketing messages? If so, don’t let your company get stuck in a rut! Dedicated marketing professionals can help you leverage exciting new and profitable ways to reach your target audiences.
  • Outsourcing is most often the best option for companies experiencing rapid growth or expansion into new territory. Similarly, if your company is restructuring–outsourcing your marketing will help you maintain forward momentum no matter what changes may unfold internally.