Kyle Mani

  • TITLE Chief Creative Officer
  • EXPERTIES UI, UX, Design
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In 2006, Kyle’s passion for design led him to explore its impact on online experiences. Intrigued by the potential of blending design with human-centric principles, he began a journey into weaving architecture, neuroscience, and psychology into the very fabric of web design. This unorthodox approach guided him to manage not only design but also its incorporation into functional and aesthetic systems, delivering a continuity that caters to the senses and intrinsic motivations of users. Kyle’s pursuit of excellence has been focused on creating value-driven solutions, a path that has led to immense client satisfaction and never proved him wrong.

Professional Journey

Founder & Chief Creative Officer at OWDT, Kyle’s 17 years of relentless dedication to digital technology and design has shaped the company’s growth, with a 300% increase in size and revenue over the past three years. This has earned OWDT accolades, such as the Number One Web Design Agency in Houston, and associations with major brands like Forbes, BP, Chevron, NRG Park, Shell, MFAH, Ocean Alexander, and Delta.

As the CEO and CCO, Kyle has meticulously overseen conceptual art development and advanced graphic/interactive design work and guided his team in emerging digital platforms. His leadership, technical mastery, and creative vision have been instrumental in OWDT’s market success.

Honors & Awards

Kyle’s work has received international recognition, amassing an impressive array of awards. These include the Webby Honoree, multiple Vega Century Awards, Muse Platinum Awards, Lantern Award by ANA (BMA), CSS Design Award, Awwwards, NYX Awards, Marcom Silver and Gold Awards, the Silver A’ Design Award, W3 Awards, American Advertising Award, and the prestigious Gold Muse Awards.

Personal Life & Hobbies

Kyle’s zest for life extends beyond his professional pursuits. A global traveler, avid golfer, deep-sea fisherman, and enthusiastic brand designer –even in his free time– he balances his life with hobbies that echo his creativity and sense of adventure. Known for his speeches at various conventions and forums, he continually seeks to learn and grow.

He cherishes a great relationship with his wife Bahar, a nationally recognized designer herself, and considers himself the luckiest person in the world.

Beyond her illustrious professional achievements, Sam brings a vibrant and fun-loving personality to every aspect of her life. When she’s not immersed in the digital realm, you can find her indulging in a myriad of cool hobbies. An avid traveler, Sam has explored fascinating corners of the world, drawing inspiration from different cultures to fuel her creativity.

Sam’s passion for adventure is matched only by her love for culinary experimentation. She takes pleasure in whipping up delectable dishes from diverse cuisines, embracing each recipe as an opportunity to blend flavors and create memorable dining experiences.

When it comes to relaxation, Sam finds solace in the world of literature. You can often catch her with a captivating book in hand, escaping into fantastical realms or exploring the depths of human emotions through the written word.

Despite her extraordinary accomplishments and extensive experience, Sam remains grounded and approachable, readily engaging with colleagues, friends, and fellow enthusiasts. Her infectious enthusiasm and zeal for life make her an inspiring figure both within and outside the SEO community.