Full screen design is the new best option

Full screen design – functional both on desktop and mobile devices

Why full screen web design makes all the difference

We at OWDT are proud of our new website. We hope you like its crisp, bright design, new high DPI graphics, expanded written content, and numerous leading-edge functionalities. When visiting our home page, did you also notice the remarkable scrolling fluidity and immediate link response?

This “X factor” is Full Screen Design, a feature which opens up the page to fill your entire browser. While the concept is now new, much faster internet speeds and recent website technology breakthroughs have positioned it as the best website design choice both for attracting viewers and guiding them to your preferred sales links.

Take another look at our Home Page. Notice how its full screen design draws your eye down the page and beyond the fold? The objective is to peak your curiosity while giving you the freedom to scroll rapidly throughout the site to find exactly what you’re looking for. We want you to have immediate full access to our site’s navigational options and to make it easier for you to dive deeper into its content.

Another key advantage of Full Screen Design is that it is equally functional both on desktop and mobile devices and across different browsers. This helps streamline programming while providing viewers with a polished, professional brand image that is consistent from big to small screen devices.

Advantages of full screen design:

  • Research shows that it helps boost conversion rates;
  • Its clean formatting doesn’t distract with unnecessary page elements;
  • Its imagery fuses intuitively with written content; and
  • Stunning full screen design imagery increases the likelihood that viewers will continue to explore the site instead of hitting the back button.