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SSCS Web Design

The story Are you similar?

Since its humble Houston beginnings in 1988, SSCS has been dedicated to providing customers with the most cost-effective, best customized IT hardware maintenance in the industry. They rapidly succeeded in providing a distinct edge over comparable services provided by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In fact, they were the first third-party maintainers in existence, with services that encompass, but are not limited to, multi-vendor storage, service maintenance and network repair.

SSCS Web Design

The challenge Facing similar challenges?

While their old website was adequate, SCSS selected OWDT to develop a new site that projected a more compelling brand identity, one that showcased their international prominence and reach. We took it as a high compliment that an IT organization of SSCS’s stature would request and then be so pleased with our services.

The SSCS edgeSSCS’s reach now extends to all six populated continents –in over 100 countries, including 600 service locations. They have established solid customer loyalty with the convenience and efficiency of their multiple product line services, all supported by an outstanding staff of support technicians.In most scenarios, SCSS has been able to increase their clients’ working budgets by as much as 30% and more by reducing hardware maintenance expenditures. They are especially proud of the resulting long-term relationships they have established with clients. Based of their solid record for ensuring system reliability and minimal downtimes, they are often hired to act as an extension of their clients’ IT departments.

SSCS Web Design

The resultsWe achieved all their objectives – and more – with a new, polished website that incorporated elegant information architecture, better navigational flow, beautiful images and an attractive color scheme. We also upgraded their written content and headers. Tools we used included Ajax, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, MS SQL Server, PHP, Responsive Design, User Registration, and WordPress (CMS). Finally, we customized their Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, and Google+ social media platforms.

Our initial design won acceptance by the company stakeholders. However, the CEO, upon final review, requested something different. Based on his feedback, we were happy to redo the design, “nailing it” with our second version and receiving rave reviews as a result. This underscores our philosophy that no project is complete until all stakeholders are completely satisfied with the product.

Increase in number of pageviews