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Electronics distributor with over 15 locations worldwide.

The story

Founded in 1984, Smith is a leader electronics distributor based in the Houston area with over 15 locations worldwide. Smith manages, sources, and distributes electronic components that go into everything from phones to appliances and directional drilling systems. They have earned an outstanding international reputation for logistics, quality, and professional excellence. Smith’s suppliers include consumer electronics, automotive, medical, and aeronautics companies.

An OWDT product

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Our multidisciplinary solution

  • Navigation: The client wanted a website that can showcase different divisions within their companies in a very quick way without having to click through several menus and landing pages. Our solution was an Ultra-Menu which very quickly gives a snapshot of their entire site structure. The user then has an easy way to access information that would otherwise take time to find.
  • User flow: Looking into past analytics and researching further, we were able to rank the user’s intended destinations based on importance. Our research-based design creates a funnel to support user flow throughout the site.
  • Responsiveness: Our research showed that many of Smith’s visitors come from mobile devices. Therefore, we needed a design that can support all screen resolutions. Even with the vast amount of information and content, this website is not only fully mobile-optimized, but also takes advantage of the space available on even the largest desktop monitors.
  • Branding: The client wanted to incorporate the brand colors in a more prominent way without making it look garish. This was a challenging task, as we also needed to showcase a lot of images of the facilities, products, and employees at the same time. Our solution was to segment the content into different blocks that could more easily incorporate different colors and content types, while maintaining elegance and sophistication.
  • Addressing Stakeholders concerns: Our initial investigation showed that we needed to create various focus groups to address different stakeholder concerns; which included the sales, HR, and IT departments. In the end, we were able to customize a solution that was capable of addressing all concerns and more. This solution was achieved through redesigning the information architecture, acquiring needed content, and elevating the feel and user experience on the website.
  • Target audience: Our research helped us see that the target audience is middle-aged males (45-55) who are the final decision makers within their respective companies. Therefore, smithweb.com was designed to promote a faster engagement and ease of access, which are highly prized by this target audience.
  • Technical Prowesss: We use proven technologies to code our websites in the most efficient manner possible. This nets advantages for our development team and for the end-user. Despite having a home page with a lot of content and a slick full-screen design, there are only 56 requests to the server. This translates to a faster loading time, which is especially important for Smith’s many mobile users. Furthermore, in our ongoing quest to improve user experience, most of the website’s animations rely on CSS technology, which is native to browsers and can run more smoothly and consume fewer computer resources.

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