The Story

Founded in 1984, Smith is a leading electronics distributor with over 15 locations worldwide. Smith manages, sources, and distributes electronic components that go into everything from phones and appliances and directional drilling systems. They have earned an outstanding international reputation for logistics, quality, and professional excellence. Smith’s suppliers include consumer electronics, automotive, medical, and aeronautics companies. Our initial investigation showed that we needed to create various focus groups to address different stakeholder concerns; sales, HR, and IT departments. We were able to customize a solution that was capable of addressing all concerns by redesigning the information architecture, acquiring needed content, and elevating the feel and user experience on the website.

Client Goals

Elevate Public Profile

Increase Competitive Advantage

Honor Culture & Heritage

Facilitate Consistent Communications

Differentiate From Other Similar Entities

Position the Organization as Global

Build a Sense of Pride & Belonging

Stand Out & Raise the Bar

Drive Deeper Engagement

Achieve Global Consistency

We use the medium of web design and the principles that govern our psychology to deliberately evoke a sensory effect, persuading users to take specific actions that benefit them.

Our goal is to cultivate a multilayered communication that speaks to the responsive faculties of our being by using the domains and disciplines within content and design.