The benefits of working with resource-rich organizations

Dedication to quality

An exemplary service

Ready Set Maids ( is a top-of-the-line cleaning agency founded on the vision of enriching the lives of their members. They are strongly dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their clients, stakeholders and to serving their communities. Case in point–they contribute a portion of all their income to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the American Heart Association, and Domestic Violence Shelters.

In the process of our planning and designing the company’s logo and webpage in 2014, I was so impressed with this company’s spirit and commitment to quality and customer service that my wife and I hired them!

They have far exceeded anything we had experienced with other agencies. We took it for granted that when a house cleaner broke an item, there would be no compensation. Over time, we had lost several expensive items that way. Much to our surprise and delight, Ready Set Maids immediately replaced an item one of their employees broke a few months ago, taking considerable effort to find the identical piece.

What accounts for their higher quality of service? To begin with, Ready Set Maids carefully screens and trains their employees, requiring timeliness, efficiency and careful attention to detail.

More importantly, they are a large, well-managed company with considerable resources. This allows them to take full responsibility for problems as they arise.

OWDT’s commitment to excellence

In other words, their business culture is similar to OWDT’s. We embrace the same dedication to quality. We offer a wide array of services and are a larger organization with the resources to quickly fix problems as they arise in the development, implementation and maintenance phases of all our projects.