OWDT gives you direct control of your website

OWDT has already initiated and invested in several nationwide startup projects

My dedication to developing strong technical and interpersonal skills in my team springs from an even more important priority: delivering flawless customer service and creating beautiful, enduring websites as well as leading-edge marketing, branding, social media management and other services.

I have always been a strong believer that when clients contract services with OWDT, they should be able to part ways and use another website development or marketing company with no hassles if that’s what they want to do. Because our clients have that freedom of choice we are more dedicated to customer satisfaction than most. We know that if we provide the support and product quality you both expect and deserve, you will want to stay with us. Above all, we want to win your complete confidence and satisfaction in the longer term.

Many of our competitors, by contrast, have entangled their clients in long-term obligations turning breaking up with them feel like a messy divorce. We see such scenarios playing out on a daily basis with our competitors.

My business model is customer-focused

While I’m confident clients will choose to remain with us, I also believe it is both more ethical and simply better business to give them freedom of choice. This is consistent with my customer-based business model. What is that, exactly?

Well, we begin by carefully factoring in your goals, aspirations and preferences from the beginning of any service we provide. And we continually provide you with options throughout the project, including a final Plan B and C if, for example, you have second thoughts about Plan A.

Something that really sets us apart: we purchase all domains and licenses in your company’s name. Service providers that affix their name to such agreements take control of your content updates and third party agreements.

Finally, if OWDT ever were to go out of business (don’t worry; we’re doing better than ever and there’s no sign of that happening…), you retain complete control over all your designs and all project-related files. This allows you to transition easily to another host company.

I also strongly believe in giving back to the local community, expanding intellectual capital and keeping business within U.S. borders. More about that in one of my upcoming blogs.