Less, but better.

OWDT evolves

Design is an ongoing struggle to solve problems–a perpetual process to address ever-changing user preferences and needs. OWDT was founded on the philosophy that great design not only enriches life but also makes it easier. Research continues to support our belief that the best design is the simplest.

In fact, OWDT has always stood for simplicity in design with an underlying theme of “Less, but better.” We love exploring, experimenting, perfecting, and evolving until we’ve produced the simplest, most elegant solution possible, one tailored to the specific needs of a client and their customers. Then we ask again– how can we make this even better?

Over the course of the last 10 years, we’ve applied the same high standards we bring to client work to our own brand. We’re excited to launch our latest brand iteration with the introduction of a completely re-platformed OWDT site integrating a more refined trademark.

The logo & design elements

All OWDT design projects are inspired by function and simplicity. Our new logo embodies those values with a new trademark that incorporates a finer typography to convey a refreshing sophistication and elegance.

We’ve also simplified our color palette to five colorscyan, orange, gray, black and white. To enhance readability, we’ve introduced a new design motif with a secondary serif font that better contrasts with our body text. It’s one among the Halant Open Source font family, first published by the Indian Type Foundry in 2014.

The O

The O is our new ‘flag.’ The shape and open space of the letter symbolizes a blank canvas with unbounded creative possibilities to underscore one of our brand’s sustaining commitments. This is our emblem–recognizable across the web, serving as a tribute to things we’ve created that we love. We’re excited to see where we can take it.

The website

The simplicity that inspired our new brand is also the framework for the latest version of OWDT.com. Designed across four breakpoints, the site puts work first, just as we do, and does a better job of representing the gifts, dedication and tenacity of the amazing people who work at OWDT.

We’ll continue to evolve the site and make it even better. Because we’re not done: design is never finished.