Installing a parallel website could save your business

We encourage all our customers to consider investing in the peace of mind that installing a parallel website provides

We hear daily reports of high-profile websites crashing or losing security as a result of hacker sabotage and for many other reasons. These relentless internet threats impact websites of all sizes and categories. Have you considered the cost of such a website failure to your business?

Sure, it’s possible that your website can be repaired and brought back, after a period of time. But that can take days. How much business would you lose as a result of that kind of downtime? And be aware that website recovery may be impossible if your managed hosting server has a fatal crash.

We are the only website development company in Houston, and one of the very few in the nation, that specializes in cloning websites on parallel servers. While you no doubt already have website backup for your computer hard drive, consider the growing necessity of securing OWDT protection against server crashes:

  • We have the necessary expertise to complete the job efficiently and inexpensively.
  • Having the protection of housing your website on a parallel server is considerably less costly than having to rebuild a website from scratch.
  • Though you may now have a simple website backup process in place, few incorporate regular updating – resulting in potential significant loss of data after a crash.
  • By contrast, when you have a parallel cloned website, your DNS Internet service immediately switches over to a second server that is hosting an exact, up-to-date copy of your website.
  • The cloned site engages immediately and undetectable so that you lose a minimal number of viewers.
  • You can stay relaxed with the assurance that your parallel sites continually update automatically.
  • If your website is the target of frequent hacker attacks or has other vulnerabilities, we can clone your website onto a third server for additional security.