High-profile company selects OWDT as this week’s hottest website

Our website was recently brought to the attention of Slickplan’s staff

We at OWDT are thrilled to have been selected by Slickplan.com to be included among website development companies showcased in their highly exclusive website gallery.

With over 60,000 registered users, their design gallery features some of the best designs from creative agencies and studios worldwide. As a featured website we will gain exposure and a direct link-back to Slickplan.com.

Our website was recently brought to the attention of Slickplan‘s staff by one of OWDT’s users. After reviewing our site, they commented:

We love what you provide the users and we hope to share it with everyone… We want to extend our thanks to you and your team for producing remarkable work for us to recognize.

Slickplan has achieved international prominence for their unparalleled excellence in sitemap development software which allows users to add, delete, and move sitemap elements effortlessly.

Their staff includes designers, developers, and information architects who are committed to the highest standards of website development and customer support. They are highly qualified to assess website design excellence and provide that service for their clients so they can have access to the very best website developers in the world. We at OWDT are happy to be in that exclusive club!

In selecting a website development company, please consider OWDT’s unique advantages:

  • Unusual skill at capturing a company’s unique brand and aesthetic
  • An established record of success working with clients ranging from large corporations to small businesses across a wide array of industries and professions
  • We stand alone as the only corporate-level website design firm in Houston, Texas, with services that extend to satellite offices across the nation

Our website designs incorporate the following:

  • Exceptionally beautiful, engaging imagery
  • Intuitive navigational tools that allow viewers easy access to the content they want to see
  • Redundancy of next/back buttons, easily identified menu options, thumbnail navigation, and slideshow functions to give viewers multiple ways to see the advantages of your company’s products/services – and –
  • Our founder and CEO, Kyle Mani, is a man of rare technical, artistic, and interpersonal talents who is passionate about design excellence. He has inspired a rich organizational culture at OWDT characterized not only by outstanding internet product design, but also unmatched customer service and continual staff development.