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Evaluating $1 trillion in commercial real estate and servicing $100 billion of CRE loans.


The Story

Situs is one of the largest global providers of commercial real estate loan advisory services and integrated process solutions. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Situs has offices spanning the United States and Europe. They have an enviable record of success, evaluating over $1 trillion in commercial real estate (“CRE”), resolving over $50 billion in distressed CRE assets, and servicing over $100 billion of CRE loans.

Situs offers nine professional advisory services for completely customized packages to meet the varied individual requirements of each client and partner. Their comprehensive, unique platform provides deep market knowledge and insight across global debt and equity markets.

Since the Great Recession, Situs has remained successful, as they have through previous business cycles, by continuing to establish new and innovative business client solutions based on the broad, in-depth expertise and professionalism of their staff.

The Challenge

Situs management had paid a large website company thousands of dollars to develop a site that they hoped would sharpen their international brand’s appeal and improve ease of access to their services. Unfortunately, what they got was aesthetically flat, difficult to navigate, and lacking in intuitive functionality.

Impressively elegant and functional


A website with strong universal appeal

OWDT’s award-winning staff has created a new Situs website with striking, ‘wow factor’ visual appeal and smooth navigation. Ease of navigation was critical because higher-level decision makers who visit their site want immediate access to easily located, concise information. Above all, this international company required a website with strong universal appeal for their global market, something that we are proud to have achieved for them.

The project included back-end and front-end programming, design, content editing, marketing messaging, links to social media as well as a variety of login portals. OWDT was able to create an entirely new website concept, which was executed on time and within budget. We didn’t think it was possible! Their dedicated team was in constant communication and was flexible and willing to make any requested changes. Using .NET (C#), Ajax, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, SQL Server, Orchard (CMS) and Responsive Design, our team was so successful that we have contracted them to create and execute the new website for our partner company, Hanover Street Capital, LLC,

An OWDT product

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