OWDT wins the American Advertising Awards for a corporate branding overhaul

The board of judges with Houston’s Annual American Advertising Awards, now in its 60th year, has announced that Houston-based OWDT is the winner of their award for excellence in . This second high-level recognition for OWDT’s Trusted Experts Group corporate rebranding project came from the most prominent local presence in Houston’s visionary creative economy.

‘Our client’s company had outpaced its competition, and that needed to be reflected across every brand touchpoint—internally and externally—to make this clear to their customers and their teams. ‘We’re honored,’ says Kyle Mani, OWDT’s CCO and Founder. ‘We understand these awards to be a real tool for innovation, conversation, and collaboration in our industry.’
— Kyle Mani, CCO/CEO and Founder of OWDT

OWDT went back to the drawing board in its rebranding of the Trusted Experts Group. The OWDT team provided extensive consumer testing and brand strategy ideation to provide one central, unifying idea to align the breadth of the brand’s offerings.

OWDT executives identified the need for a new, captivating name that captured the entire span of their services. Along with their new name, OWDT’s brand design project included a modernized and highly dynamic identity system, including a logo and a comprehensive website development. From company cars to employee uniforms, the new brand experience and all it represents are integrated across daily operations.

With exciting projects underway, OWDT’s committed mission is to continue to push the design envelope, to think outside of traditional solutions, and tailor every creative decision toward the client’s goal.

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