Website/digital presence management

Why product maintenance is so essential

Information Technology products, websites in particular, require constant updating to maintain your company’s competitive advantage. If your current website/digital presence provider isn’t regularly updating your site, you will lose business.

We at OWDT are proud of our customer support team’s record of successfully updating client websites and other digital platforms. No organization, large or small, can afford to launch entirely new websites every year or so, nor can they afford the downtimes that go with that unfeasible strategy. This is why product maintenance is so essential.

As a business owner or product manager, you need to understand three key components of digital product maintenance as you chart out the future of your company’s brand presence and marketing. These include prevention, repair and improvement.

Preventive maintenance

After launch, OWDT monitors your site and provides regular updates to minimize downtimes. This encompasses regular inspections, updates, adjustments, and services, as required. It may also involve managing parallel websites and test platforms.


Repairs may be reactive or preventive. When the website experiences glitches, repair maintenance is required to restore the product to a working condition. The better the product maintenance company, the more likely that repairs will be in the preventive category.


Creating and implementing improvements requires intensive research and collaboration between provider and client teams. This also involves carefully tailored analytics implemented collaboratively between web development, marketing and UX teams.

These three principles can help a product manager envision and map out a solid product maintenance plan, which is requisite to maintaining an organization’s competitive advantage.
In follow up blogs, I’ll provide more information on all three components of these digital product maintenance essentials.