OWDT is committed to investing in the U.S. And local economy

OWDT has already initiated and invested in several nationwide startup projects

I strongly believe in giving back to the local community, nurturing American intellectual capital and keeping business within U.S. borders. We at OWDT are constantly thinking of new ways to accomplish these goals.

For starters, I do not outsource any OWDT work abroad. Instead, I invest our financial resources inside the U.S. to help build our national economy and intellectual capital. I am similarly dedicated to supporting the local Houston and Texas economies. How? By investing in local IT intellectual capital that catalyzes R&D spending. My overriding objective is to help further diversify our economy beyond oil extraction and distribution.

OWDT has already initiated and invested in several nationwide startup projects. In addition, we have plans to launch new local projects that draw on the design and development talents of Houston-based programmers. This will serve to create jobs and generate investment from other regions of the country.

These plans begin by soliciting seed money, typically from $5K to $50K, for local IT/digital media/technology ventures. We then tailor capital-efficient business and management models as a foundation for partnering with you in the longer term to establish viable enterprises.


Components & Characteristics

We look for components of the following three characteristics in evaluating investment opportunities, each of which we believe is necessary to build extraordinary companies–

  • Management – it is critically important to have the right people in the right job, and we recognize that one of our essential responsibilities is to help our partner entrepreneurs build their management teams, advisory groups and board of directors;
  • Market – the product(s) or service(s) must represent significant innovation and fulfill a critical need within a large existing or potential market; and
  • Technology – the company must hold a proprietary and defensible position through its intellectual property estate, a significant first-mover advantage, and/or offer deep technical know-how.