Leadership principles that work for OWDT

OWDT has been recognized as the Number One Web Design Agency in Houston

My commitment to excellence

I’m excited to take this opportunity to communicate directly with OWDT’s current and potential customers.

We have grown nearly 300% in size and revenue within the past three years. In addition, OWDT has been recognized as the Number One Web Design Agency in Houston, Top Branding and Communications Company in Houston, and Number One Fastest Web Design Company in Houston. We have worked with major brands such as Forbes, Carnival, AMCOL, CETCO, Situs, and Hanover Street Capital.

Those who know me best understand my absolute dedication to ensuring excellence in all our services and products. I work tirelessly every day to ensure we deliver exceptional service and product quality that exceed customer expectations.

My leadership style

I am equally focused on inspiring strong employee performance. I feel fortunate to lead a talented team of IT and other professionals whose success has been nurtured by our highly collaborate, respectful and diverse culture.

I didn’t consciously set out to build that kind of environment. It simply evolved naturally from my own personal style. Others tell me that I’m enthusiastic, respectful and a great listener–qualities I bring to all my communications with employees and clients.

Many of you are business owners entrusted with the leadership of employees. For what they’re worth, here are some principles that I follow–

  • I carefully select employees not only for technical competence but for ‘heart’ and compassion, as well. That may sound corny, but it has worked beautifully for OWDT.
  • I enthusiastically communicate my vision for OWDT to all my employees.
  • I model and encourage the highest standards of performance and business ethics.
  • I get to know my employees individually to better understand how best to leverage their talents and motivate them.
  • I encourage active participation by all my team members–respecting all contributions, whether they make the ‘final cut’ or not.
  • I believe that mistakes are inevitable. If an employee could have done better with an assignment, I always ask him or her to tell me first what they learned from that situation and what they plan to do differently moving forward.
  • I encourage professional development.

What others may find stressful, I experience as motivating. Perhaps that’s because I was raised under the harsh conditions of war in Esfahan, Iran which was frequently bombed and often without electricity or water. I emigrated to the U.S. when I was twenty-two, with $50 in my pocket, to pursue my dream of becoming an Internet entrepreneur in the world’s greatest economy.

I strongly believe that the best is yet to come not only for OWDT, but for all those we serve, as well.