A (CMS) gives you direct control of website while reducing costs

CMS offers elegant content control features and long-term cost savings advantages for users

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you, the user, to easily add to and change content from your website without the help of a Webmaster. Though available in one form or another for over 10 years, CMS has come into its own with recent increases in broadband internet speeds.

We at OWDT are strong proponents of CMS because of its elegant content control features and long-term cost savings advantages for users.

Need more specifics? Here are some of the many benefits of CMS:

  • You gain broad freedom to easily produce your own written, image, audio and video content while retaining the advantages of having a sharp, professionally designed website.
  • With CMS continually refreshing your site’s content you gain a clear competitive advantage over companies that lack that capability.
  • An easily-installed CMS allows you to update your site from anywhere, anytime, even from mobile devices, ensuring that your site’s content is always fresh and continually updated.
  • You need to make changes only once to update all your site’s documents, whether formatted in HTML or PDF.
  • Content is easily shared among co-workers who can be assigned specific site update roles. And your team members are alerted to pending tasks and due dates.
  • CMS indexes all data within your organization, allowing employees to search for data using keywords.
  • CMS websites enhance SEO because websites with new and updated content are more visible to search engines.
  • Better Security: with CMS, the core of your website has been tested and made secure on millions of other websites.
  • Better customer service: a CMS can be designed to give your customers the option of contacting you directly through your website. This allows you to integrate their requests directly into you customer service systems where they can be handled more efficiently than through cumbersome e-mail systems.
  • Many popular versions of CMS integrate with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This is increasingly important as websites funnel content to social media sites. And you gain the additional benefit of providing your users an easy way to give you feedback on your products/services.