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Envoy Mortgage

Greatly simplified user home financing for a premier, national mortgage company

The story

Envoy Mortgage is a leader in the real estate finance industry and a full-service mortgage bank that offers in-house expertise in many areas. Licensed to lend in 48 states across the United States, the company employs the greatest number of Certified Mortgage Bankers® (CMB) in the entire state of Texas. The CMB designation is the highest level a mortgage banker can receive, requiring a proven history of expertise and professionalism. This is only one of many indicators of Envoy Mortgage’s exemplary standards.

The challenge

Envoy came to OWDT looking for elegance, seamless functionality and simplicity in a new website to better distinguish them from their competitors. Envoy’s old website used basic HTML and lacked a responsive design component. Navigation was poor and the written text and design features were lackluster.

Our solution

OWDT delivered a leading-edge design including a full-screen video on the background with an interactive menu, simplified navigation, fully responsive design and inner pages that contain engaging personal images to enhance customer appeal. The overall design aesthetic is clean, modern and simplified. Relying on a combination of research, carefully tailored design and measurement, we have developed a user experience that is next to none.

Clean, modern and simplified


Highlighting their mission to serve

Envoy Mortgage is strongly dedication to educating the public about the current mortgage market. With the availability of hundreds of mortgage loan program options and an even greater number of mortgage lenders from which to choose, their new website simplifies the daunting, complex process of financing one’s home. Their new website provides abundant, easily accessed online sources to guide their potential customers through the most comprehensive financing available today.

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