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Back-end developer

Solid experience with MySQL, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript

Who is an ideal candidate?

The ideal candidates should show a strong background in distributed and highly available back end applications with a demonstrated history of solving complex technical challenges with consistent efficiency and high performance. – Strong pluses include a B.S. \ M.S. in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, related fields, or equivalent experience as is 2-4+ years of experience on enterprise scale developments.


  • Experience in C, C++, Java – with specific emphasis on distributed architectures, concurrency, and high performance.
  • Solid experience with MySQL, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Solid experience developing RESTful APIs and relational databases from the ground up
  • Understanding of the underlying systems mobile applications & websites are developed on
  • Understanding of key server-side development concepts such as integrating data or user accounts between multiple systems, integrating multiple databases into one system, implementing a backup system, securing data with multiple user levels, etc.
  • Strong background in data structures, algorithms, and complexity analysis.
  • Leading and participating in major architectural decisions, helping to review code and implementations, and incorporating new and emerging technologies into the organization.
  • Promoting an agile culture that prizes continuous learning and growth, while maintaining a high regard for quality.
  • Owning the end-to-end technical requirements and road-map for major engineering products.
  • Working with the technical team to design, develop and maintain outstanding internet products.
  • Excellent judgment, both in technical and organizational problem solving.
  • Developing, maintaining and monitoring custom-built technical solutions that facilitate customer integration with our projects.
  • Communicating with customers and the customer service team regarding bugs, project timelines, deliverables and customer implementation tasks.
  • Maintaining a high awareness of industry issues and trends.
  • Constantly seeking opportunities for professional development by learning new technologies and keeping abreast of markets developments.

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