What you need to consider before redoing your website

Creating a new website is challenging on many levels, but the payoff can be huge.

You need to look at your business with fresh eyes to assess required adjustments to your brand, to better evaluate what your clients really want, and even to revisit the reason you’re in business to begin with.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does my company hope to achieve with a new website? In other words, after your new site is launched, what specific outcomes do you envision? If you’ve changed your brand and company image, that needs to be reflected in your site, even if updates impact only visual design.
  • Do I really know my audience? Your new site won’t be successful if you have an incomplete understanding of your client base and target demographic. You need to know specifically what they like, or don’t, about your current website and services/products. You need to include your audience in the website development process in order to gain their invaluable feedback about design and content options. You’ll also need to collect and assess your current site’s traffic statistics and site analytics on entry and exit page usage, sales conversions, and search engine keywords.
  • What, specifically, no longer works? After you break your site down into its key components, you’ll know what needs to go, what can be updated or kept as is. And, if your website needs to be redeveloped from scratch, you can rely on OWDT to help you navigate that process so that your vital backlinks and other critical elements stay intact.
  • Who will be responsible? It’s unwise for the CEO or other executive to dictate website design and content. On the other hand, you can’t ‘design by committee.’ The best strategy is to designate internal control to an internet savvy single-point-of–contact project team leader with the skills required to collaborate effectively both with their internal team and your website developer.
  • Does my website developer have credibility? Will they work with you as a partner? You can tell a lot by the website developer’s online social media presence. Do they, for example, consistently post informative blogs? Even more important: do their staff members exhibit emotional intelligence? Yes, emotional intelligence… As discussed in the bulleted item above, people skills matter as much as designing/programming skills.
  • Does my website make it easy, even enjoyable, for the customer to purchase my product or secure my services? Effective websites provide the visitor with all the sequential, step-by-step information they need – beginning with research all the way through purchase. Your company’s success is dependent on knowing what your buyers need throughout the journey to becoming a loyal client.
  • Would my client base benefit from ongoing news and updates? Would your clients appreciate an increased frequency or improved quality of blog posts or other platform-based information?
  • And, of course: What’s the budget? How much time do I have for completion? Does the organization understand that ‘everything’ is not an option?


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