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Venture Capital For Entrepreneurs



OWDT has a number of available equity funds for when you’re ready to take your technology idea or business to the next level

Someone did it for us & now it is our turn.

Looking to secure venture capital for your startup?

Here’s our approach:

Components & Characteristics

We look for components of the following three characteristics in evaluating investment opportunities, each of which we believe is necessary to build extraordinary companies:

  • Management – it is critically important to have the right people in the right job, and we recognize that one of our essential responsibilities is to help our partner entrepreneurs build their management teams, advisory groups and board of directors;
  • Market – the product(s) or service(s) must represent significant innovation and fulfill a critical need within a large potential or existing market; and 
  • Technology – the company must hold a proprietary and defensible position through its intellectual property estate, a significant first-mover advantage, and/or deep technical know-how.

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