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The story Are you similar?

U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc., with over 500 clinics in 43 states, is the largest publicly traded operator of outpatient physical and occupational therapy services in the country. They needed an entirely new website to provide patients easy, direct access to local physical therapists. They also wanted to disseminate in-depth resources about PT treatment options in combination with extensive condition/injury specific information.

ptandme Web Design

The challenge Facing similar challenges?

OWDT developed ptandme.com’s new website entirely from scratch. The client’s graphic artists originated the design elements, which our team then brought to life with flawless functionality and navigation. We embedded an intuitive 4-quadrant spherical hub on the homepage contrasted with simple, uplifting background imagery. Our technologists, UX designers and content strategists created ease of use throughout the site. In all, we completed a total reworking of ptandme’s digital presence with an updated responsive online experience.

An important component of our work was developing and installing a highly functional ‘locator’ so patients can easy find local, affiliated clinics. (Each clinic is directed by a licensed physical therapist who gets patient referrals via local physicians and other referral sources).

ptandme Web Design

Successful outcome
The client was highly pleased with all aspects of their new site, including how it catalyzed strong public interest in alternative health modalities. Our team integrated intuitive, smooth linkages to make their internal and external health information sources easy to navigate, thereby creating an invaluable resource for those seeking broad knowledge of all viable holistic treatment options. This includes a full menu of injury categories linked with information about causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Additional resources include comprehensive, highly reputable external sources, a monthly newsletter and biweekly blog.

The website also contains in-depth information about PT techniques, specialty programs and the importance of specific PT credentials. The navigation system allows users to jump to any article easily, with download links and cross-links featured next to subject headings. In addition, the mobile site features pre-collapsed articles allowing users easy access.The result was a highly successful collaboration with the client praising us for the resulting product, one that has worked brilliantly across multiple platforms.