The emerging marketing revolution, Part III

Customers now expect easy access to practical online information

Final recap

Marketing and digital tech have merged. However, without a dedicated in-house marketing department, successfully tracking the rapid proliferation of digital advertising venues and tracking tools is far too time consuming for most of us. This growing challenge/opportunity accounts for the rapid shift away from standard marketing agencies towards Tech savvy companies like OWDT that integrate online publishers and platforms.

Certain basics will never change, e.g., ensuring that your product/service does what it promises. To that end, customers now expect easy access to practical online information about your offerings, guidance that goes well beyond simple troubleshooting.

Measuring success

Rapidly emerging tools for mining and assessing metadata hold great promise for improving future marketing dollar ROI. However, be aware that there is as yet no unfailing formula for precisely determining what marketing messages and tactics will result in the product/service purchase. In other words, the perfect metric, one that is easily repeated and accurately predicts success, remains elusive and is likely to remain so into the foreseeable future.

Google analytic tools

are the most popular, having gained a solid reputation consistent with Google’s unparalleled investment in all of its products. These free tools are designed for such a broad array of uses that we highly recommend you do an initial search to survey those options that may best apply to your specific needs.

Among top contenders are Google Analytics (tracking where your website visitors originate and what they look at); Google AdWords (the Internet’s largest pay-per-click network); Google AdSense (tailoring appropriate ads for your website for extra revenue); Blogger (popular and easy to apply); and, Google +1 Button (providing your customers with an easy way to recommend your business). Other valuable options include Google Correlate, Google Trends, Google Tag Manager, Tech, Google Public Data Explorer, full Value of Mobile, Webmaster Tools and Auto Event Tracking.


(Customer Relationships Management Systems), Adobe and other players have their have competitive sets of analytics. In a future post, I’ll explore these options, as well as content service platforms like Hootsuite, Sendible and Oktopost.


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