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The emerging marketing revolution, Part II

Quickly gaining competitive advantage

Challenge and opportunity

The rapidly unfolding marketing revolution is being driven by growing bandwidth, continual online customer feedback (now shaping and molding brands), and a host of new strategies for mining “big data.” The breadth and depth of new digital marketing strategies can be confusing, even overwhelming. Few businesses are tracking the opportunities and challenges that are quickly emerging. Those that do are quickly gaining competitive advantage.

Before assessing the value of the newest marketing strategies and tools, determine the following–

  • Do your marketing materials respect the needs of the consumer? For example, to develop a loyal customer base in, it’s best to avoid direct sales pitches. Instead, focus on providing potential customers with valuable information to help them navigate decisions and challenges that go beyond, but perhaps indirectly support, the advantages of your products/services.
  • Do you really understand your buyers? More specifically, what demographic indicators characterize them? –What kinds of professions do they hold? What is their median/modal age? What goals and aspirations do they hold dear? What kind(s) of digital devices do they use to get online information? Finally, what are their ‘pain points,’ i.e., what concerns/worries do they present?
  • Is your website producing leads? Is your current reporting software up to the challenge of accurately assessing it is, in fact, generating leads?
  • Does your blog contribute to a higher conversion rate? If you have an effective blog, that should result in noticeably improved search engine rankings.
  • How do your SEO results compare with those your competitors’ websites? What accounts for the difference?
  • Examine social media activity to ensure your marketing focuses on those platforms that are–or potentially could–work best for your brand.
  • Do you have effective automation software to integrate feedback from your different marketing platforms?
  • Finally, by all means, use Google Analytics, if you aren’t already doing so, to monitor your website traffic to determine which pages are most popular. In the third portion of this article, I’ll provide an overview specific digital marketing tools recommended by leaders at the forefront of the marketing revolution.


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