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The emerging marketing revolution, Part I

Marketing is now digital

The near future

In previous blogs, I’ve discussed how Big Data-based analytics and pervasive global access to smartphones and other portable digital devices is transforming business. Marketers need to stay abreast of these and related changes to survive in the multi-faceted, interactive marketing environment that is now rapidly emerging.

We at OWDT are very aware of this transforming environment. We see a future in which brands will require the integrated talents of skilled marketers, artists and digital technicians. Marketing IS now digital. This is why we offer marketing, design, along with digital tech and a wide array of other complementary services.

Survival strategies in the new marketing environment–

  • Invest in your mobile platforms

    Invest so they look beautiful and navigate seamlessly. Because most folks now interact with friends and brands primarily via mobile devices, businesses can’t afford glitches in their increasingly two-way, personalized consumer conversations with consumers.Be prepared to ‘dance’ with consumers in defining and re-defining your brand identity. Consumers already have gained unprecedented power in co-creating an organization’s brand identity. Forward-looking businesses are increasingly integrating consumer-created videos and other content even into their biggest ads. That said, it’s imperative that you give consumers a resonant, resilient, easily relatable brand to anchor that dialogue.

  • Utilize the power of video and visuals

    In previous blogs, I’ve described the importance of integrating video content into your website. This applies to all media platforms. The underlying principle is simple: human beings love visual storytelling, from catchy repeating GIFs to full-length videos.

  • Continually monitor and anticipate product development

    In the context of emerging cultural/market changes, marketers will need to release content ever more quickly and efficiently to keep pace with accelerating product cycles and cultural trends.

  • Leverage analytic tools

    Use analytic tools to zero in on individual consumer behavior to tailor your messaging to that person’s needs and aspirations. More on this issue in Part II of this blog…

  • Be authentic and transparent

    In my recent “Can the Private Sector Save the World” series of blogs, I alluded to consumers wanting to know what you stand for. What social causes do you espouse? Is your organization a force for good or bad in the world? If they perceive you to be a force for good (in terms of their values and political orientation, of course), they will reward you.

In Part II of this blog, I’ll focus on organizations that are leading the new marketing revolution and how they use analytics to tailor their marketing to individual needs and aspirations.



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