The Digital Marketing Revolution, Part II

Use digital marketing tools to help define your present and future customer base.

Differentiating your brand improves target marketing:

In previous OWDT blogs, We’ve emphasized the importance of carefully defining/redefining your brand. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can then implement digital marketing tools to get a much more complete picture of your target customer. For example, a company selling traditional luxury interior decor may can use niche marketing tools to reveal the following target customer profile: female decision maker, conservative aesthetic, Republican, typically no more than two children, actively involved in community organizations, with over
60% of this demographic group living in the Southeast. It stands to reason that if a target audience is too broadly defined, in this case encompassing IKEA customers with lower incomes, it will be confusing to potential buyers and a waste of money.

So, before launching a new website, YouTube video, or creating a new Facebook promotion, you need to –

  • Differentiate your brand (like Apple, be consistent yet distinctive) – in other words, articulate what sets you from your competition.
  • Use digital marketing tools to help define your present and future customer base.
  • Generate a competitive analysis and timeline.
  • Establish both strategic and tactical plans (more about that in Part III).
  • Create a method for systematically monitoring customer feedback.

Is your brand easily identified across media?

A surefire way to determine if you are communicating your brand with consistency is to see if customers can identify your company’s brand messaging across media compared with that of your competitors.

Drilling down on customer needs and preferences

In the past, understanding the customer required frequent expenditures on focus groups and surveys. While these tools are still important, the Internet now gives us immediate access to information about customers’ postings in group forums and other media. To tap into that information, begin with the following –

  • Join customer forums, blogs and groups. After identifying the needs and preferences of your target customer, locate which sites they are using to discuss their opinions online.
  • What are companies with the same target customer doing to attract visitors? There are a number of free online tools such as that reveal information about where their website visitors are coming from.

Take necessary risks to engage new consumers

Marketing executives are too busy to keep track of the vast array of emerging technologies. Also, they are by nature disinclined to take the necessary risks that marketing innovation requires. That’s why you need an Innovation Team (like OWDT) to identify, evaluate, and implement new digital technology marketing strategies. Those that are successful can be scaled up into pilot programs for further evaluation before full implementation.

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