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The critical advantages of web-specialized photography, Part I

Photographic images are the focal point of a company’s brand and web presence

Premium web-specialized photography goes hand in hand with outstanding website design and copywriting. This service should be part of any overall content strategy, though most organizations don’t know about its many advantages.

OWDT is the only web design company in Texas that offers this service. Our clients have benefited greatly our in-house web-specialized photographer’s fine work. He takes direction from our designers so that all on-site photographs conform perfectly to web design parameters. This is critically important because standard stock website photographs do not easily integrate with the overall organization, text placement, or navigational restrictions of most websites. This result, all too often, in mediocre layout and flow, with little or no space for required text.

Consider the additional advantages for you, the customer:

  • Our professional web photographer offers a rare combination of experience and success at his craft;
  • He and our master designer collaborate together to select dazzling images that conform seamlessly with concise, impactful written content showcasing the advantages of your offerings; and
  • We use high-resolution, specialized cameras that interface with leading-edge software and hardware to bring your products and services to life.

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Web photography requires costly specialized equipment. Only a small number of website development companies have been willing to make that kind of investment. OWDT has done so, however, because we understand that photographic images are the focal point of a company’s brand and web presence. A website with mediocre photography will fail to connect with viewers. High quality pictures, on the other hand, can help you tell your story, while providing alluring visual appeal complemented by carefully written content tailored to ensure optimal impact.

Understand that when visitors view your website, they instantly assess your company’s credibility. Sharp, elegant imagery helps you persuade prospective customers that your company is the best choice for product or service. We also believe in the powerful psychological impact of maximizing positive imagery, including shots of smiling, happy people as an effective means of engaging potential customers.

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