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The big move towards anticipatory design, Part III

Big Data collection in devices

Anticipatory design (AD) is integral to device data collection

We already have seen the benefits of new generation Big Data collection in devices like smart watches and the Fitbit Activity Tracker. As consumers, unified data provide us with instantaneous comparative product/service prices and consumer ratings, even the latest metrics on our daily fitness profile compared with friends.

Massive quantities of unified data, of course, need to be ‘filtered’ by AD-related tools before we can make better choices or to fine-tune decisions that other parties are making on our behalf.
Breakthrough advances in Big Data now on the horizon will provide us with continuous, inclusive information about all aspects of our environment. Increasingly sophisticated ‘interpretive’ AD filters will make those data immediately actionable to further improve our personal, professional, financial and health related decisions.

What this means for your business

This rapidly emerging technology has direct implications for your business. To ensure you’re visible to the new generation of digital devices–

  • Do an inventory of all the ways that your products or services enable consumers. Think in terms of basic functions as they relate to needs and aspirations.
  • Ensure and reinforce, by as many means as possible, digital access to your services/products.
  • Get the help of a company like OWDT to apply AD-related tools to streamline the delivery of your offerings.
  • Carefully monitor consumer satisfaction with your automated recommended purchase options and refine, as appropriate.farley-katz-a-rotary-telephone-addresses-a-smartphone-when-i-was-your-age-we-didn-t-p-new-yorker-cartoon

Marketing benefits already available

Unified data streams already permit easy access to your web traffic, help you monitor the effectiveness of your different marketing initiatives and determine how best to communicate with customers. Now that we all can see how data is much more valuable when used with other information, the era of AD-aided data aggregation truly has arrived.


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