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Texas General Insurance Agency has a statewide reputation for excellence. They specialize in helping clients find the best, most affordable business and personal insurance products from a comprehensive range of high-quality options. Their business was doing well, but growth was hampered by an outdated website that appealed primarily to an older demographic base. They came to OWDT with the primary goal of helping them refurbish their brand image to broaden their appeal to younger customers in the 30-50 age range.


TGI before


TGI after

The challenge Facing similar challenges?

Their old website was amateurish and boring–with an unimpressive Home Page, poor navigation, uninspired graphics, and an outdated logo. These problems were compounded by a lack of mobile-friendly design and incomplete written content.
Texas General Insurance Agency needed both a refurbished brand as well as a revamped architecture to give customers immediate access to products for their specific needs. They wanted us to do this as well as achieve other objectives at the lowest cost possible.

OWDT’s SolutionOWDT had the technical proficiency and flexibility required to meet this challenge with outstanding results. We made relatively small adjustments to create a fresh, new full screen design Home Page defined by side-by-side background videos, the first displaying major Texas cityscapes, the second a family barbeque. We also simplified the site’s architecture to make navigation quick and intuitive. We achieved this by providing users two sharply defined ‘funnel’ links, one for business (embedded in the cityscape video), and another for personal insurance options (embedded in the family video).

We wrote and edited new content for the website to highlight the company’s impressive history, philosophy, and range of competencies. In addition, OWDT made subtle changes to the company logo to enhance its appeal. –The overall look and functionality of the website are now immediately engaging and elegant.We are among a handful of website development companies in the nation delivering consistently superior design integrated with flawless technical execution. We believe our websites are comparable to products crafted by high-end manufacturers who achieve an iconic

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