Sister websites generate business growth

Sister sites are a critical investment for companies that want to grow their business.

Sister websites are interrelated sites that segment your products, services, or locations for easier customer access – listing them in specific niche site landing pages. Developing sister sites is a critical investment for companies that want to grow their business.

Sister websites are more likely to appear in relevant keyword search results. The more websites you own, the more this will be the case. Another advantage: by building and maintaining several sites within a single niche it is possible to easily saturate and corner smaller, less competitive markets, allowing you to build income with less effort.

The highest profile multiple niche site is Google, which has turned Google AdWords, AdSense, Webmasters Tools, etc., all into authoritative independent websites, each contributing to the dominance of the Google brand.


Additional advantages of developing sister websites –

  • They provide the opportunity to better appeal to different audiences’ interests and needs with more targeted and relevant offers.
  • Each sister site optimizes the visibility of ALL your other sites.
  • They circumvent the pitfall of having one site with too many pages for viewers to find what they’re looking for.
  • They substantially enhance quality backlinks to your main website, increasing its traffic.
  • As with parallel websites, having sister websites prevents downtime. If your company’s single website crashes, you are simply shut down for business.
  • They give you the potential for building the ‘authority’ of each sister website in its own niche, further improving the credibility of your brand.
  • Once one or more of your sister sites start ranking high in local search engines, you can focus on getting into the top results of other geographic and industry domains, including international markets.

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